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Engineering Services


    • Audio visual solution is the bridge which supports to holds the company, customer and the employees together. Audio and visual communication in workplace enhance the integration among the employees. Advanced and sophisticated technology is the key to any successful business, which needs to be infused in the workplace.

      The future of an institution depends on the technology and methods used to communicate between the key players which should be smooth, strong, effective and efficient. Audio and visual methods serve well in planning and directing the workforce. Training of the workforce becomes better, fast, and effective. It also benefits in quick, informed decision making and recording of the meeting or conference for future reference. Sharing of data and content happen in a fraction of time.

  • Information & Communication

    • Living in the modern and the digital era, it is difficult not to use the information and communication technology, which is commonly known as ICT. This is a very simple yet sophisticated technology that is used daily. Hotels, Hospitals Schools, colleges, offices, and firms cannot deny the need and influence it has on the working of these institutions.

    • Communicating the information to a large group seems impossible sometimes but ICT makes is possible and stress-free. It serves as a frame and skeleton that aids the current and modern computing systems. Information technology (IT) is analogous to information and communication technology (ICT) in many levels, still, in many offices and workplaces, this innovative technology is not used in full potential.

  • Data Centers Building

    • At its simplest, a data center is a physical facility that organizations use to house their critical applications and data. A data center’s design is based on a network of computing and storage resources that enable the delivery of shared applications and data.

    • The cost to build a data center is frequently quoted on a price-per-square-foot basis. Depending on where you are, this cost could be as minimal as $200 per square foot, but it can range as high as $1,000 per square foot or more. Data Privacy should also be considered while implementing it. A data center is a facility that centralizes an organization’s shared IT operations and equipment for the purposes of storing, processing, and disseminating data and applications.

  • Access Control Systems

    • ABRAR facilitates the installation of an access control system that gives access and passes to the visitors. Access control allows selective and restrictive access to visitors or employees for security.

    • Access controls only grant permission to selective visitors and employees to selective places, this way the security in the arena is increased and maintained.

      We enable sophisticated security solutions for all our clients. We provide a high-end access control system for the needs and requirements of the client. We believe in giving a fitting and swift access control system. Access control is a fundamental component of data security that dictates who’s allowed to access and use company information and resources.

  • IPTV & SMATV Systems

    • IPTV or internet-based protocol television, which uses the internet to provide videos and television programs. This is done on-demand or in demand of live stream. It facilitates the users to pick and select which shows to watch according to their convenience. Satellite and cables are used to enable the service. Unlike downloads, IPTV extends the service of streaming the source. SMATV Single Master Antenna Television (or Satellite Master Antenna Television). The motive is to supply and regulator the number and types of channels to multiple televisions. It is the most cost-effective and reasonable method for the reception of satellite broadcasts. ABRAR offers much more functionalities to the end customers. We provide quality products and services to the client.

  • Back Ground Music Systems

    • Music always helps in lifting the mood and the ambiance in the room. It helps in the setting of the mood in the atmosphere. The music can give an edgy, vivacious, peppy, and smoothing touch to any person.

    • ABRAR helps in set up and increase the consumer experience with the help of good and best background music.  We enable providing the best finesses background music solution for the business. Background music refers to a mode of musical performance in which the music is not intended to be a primary focus of potential listeners, but its content, character, and volume level are deliberately chosen to affect behavioral and emotional responses in humans such as concentration, relaxation, distraction, and etc…

  • Broadcasting Systems

    • Broadcast technicians, who are also called broadcast engineers, use specialized equipment to regulate the strength and clarity of the images and sounds we see on television and the sounds we hear on the radio. They operate transmitters to broadcast radio and television programs from studios and remote locations. Broadcast engineering is the field of electrical engineering, and now to some extent computer engineering and information technology, which deals with radio and television broadcasting. The two principal digital broadcasting systems are ATSC standards, developed by the Advanced Television Systems Committee and adopted as a standard in most of North America, and DVB-T, the Digital Video Broadcast – Terrestrial system used in most of the rest of the world.

  • CCTV Systems Installation

    • CCTV cameras serve you the same. It helps to view what is happening in and around the business arena. CCTV cameras are the perfect way to manage and keep a check on the business environment and the employees. It helps in controlling the workforce and keep a check on the progress that they are making.

    • CCTV cameras have been proven to be very helpful in protecting the valuables, without having an eye on what is happening in the surrounding. The business environment can be very vulnerable. The maximization of the productivity can be done by continuous and relentless monitoring of the work; which CCTV cameras are very capable of doing. CCTV cameras always give a sense of security that someone is watching over on your behalf.


    • “ABRAR” will help you to build Digital signage and supports you to be digitally visible through all possible electronic media. It displays digital image, video, web pages, which helps the firm to market themselves to be observable and visible in the market. It paves the way to target more and more audience and make the audience their potential customer. This digital signage can be anything from an e-papers, which is the electronic display of news, to LED/LCD displays of advertisement, which can be seen around the cities and towns.

      Digital signage works in displaying text, pictures, emanations, and video messages, which aids in the attraction of more potential customers. It provides a varied range of flexibility in the advertisement, which can be made into an elegant, funny, or even an informative advertisement.


    • Gate Barriers are generally installed in residential areas and parking premises in order to allow authorized access to vehicles. Gate Barriers control the vehicle access at entry, exit gates. … Gate Barrier System can be integrated with GSM Module, RFID and Loop Detectors. A boom barrier is made up of a pole or bar which is pivoted from a fixed point to move in a vertical direction. This bar or pole allows to block the access of any vehicle or even a person through an entry gate. … Since boom barriers are most commonly used at checkpoints, they are also referred to as boom barrier gates. When barrier systems are well-designed, they shorten the time every car spends in the streets surrounding your business. The earlier you start controlling flow, the more you’ll reduce through-traffic, so many integrated barrier systems start directing traffic streets ahead of the final boom.

  • People Counting Systems

    • ABRAR can help you to count human traffic inside the mall, hospital, Cinema hall and Auditoriums.
    • Counting people while they enter and exit is a very common practice. The system which makes the work even more simple and easy is the People Counting systems. It is a very expedient way to measure people crossing an entrance. It is a very convenient and useful method used in all retails and malls. It is essential to count the traffic in the store. It also facilitates managing the queue in the counters.
    • The humidity and cooling control can be accessed electronically through the people counting system. ABRAR Technical has expert teams that will help you set up the whole system. We are capable of delivering quality service.

  • CFA ( Call For Assistance) Systems

    • Operator assistance refers to a telephone call in which the calling party requires an operator to provide some form of assistance in completing the call.

    • A person-to-person call is an operator-assisted call in which the calling party requests to speak to a specific party and not simply to anyone who answers. Telephone assistance is a common practice in neurology, although there are only a few studies about this type of healthcare. We have evaluated a Telephone Assistance System (TAS) for caregivers of patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) from 2 points of view: financially and according to the level of satisfaction of the caregiver. Call For Assistance system is designed for areas where a call-for-help or an emergency switch is required.

  • Queue Management Systems

    • Manage waiting customers and keep them safe and engaged while they wait. Powering the world’s best brands. Enterprise-grade. Fast set-up. Better allocate resources. Build advocacy. Competitive advantage. Improve satisfaction. Drive foot traffic. Increase conversion. A queue management system is used to control queues. Queues of people form in various situations and locations in a queue area. The process of queue formation and propagation is defined as queuing theory. The queue management system is a set of tools and sub-systems assist in controlling customers’ flow, managing the waiting time and enhancing customers’ experience for multiple industries including banking, healthcare, retails, education, government, and telecom.

    • Automatic queue measurement systems are designed to help managers in two ways – first, through enhanced customer service; second by improving efficiency and reducing costs. They use people counting sensors at entrances and above checkout lanes/queue areas to accurately detect the number and behavior of people in the queue. Built-in predictive algorithms can provide advance notice on how many checkouts or service points will be needed to meet demand.

  • Video Intercom Systems

    • Video intercom system sanctions and helps you interact with the guests without any physical interaction. Video intercom facilitates better security. It is also becoming essential for residential complex, villas, corporate office building.

      The user can interact with the visitor through video and only after the authorization, the visitor is granted permission to enter the premises. It helps in building a sense of security in the minds of the users.

      ABRAR will help in setting up the video intercom system and guides you through the process. We provide the most advanced and branded product that will fit your budget and necessities. We provide video intercom for all kinds of projects. Permanent systems — Traditional intercoms and public address systems are … Besides fixed locations, intercom systems are used on many types …

    • Hard-Wired. Before the invention of the wireless technology that we all love so much, everything had to be hard-wired. …
    • Wireless. …
    • Carrier-Current. …
    • Automatic Gate Entry. …
    • Mobile Connection.

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